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Michael Jackson fans are banding together to try and prevent the Discovery Channel from airing a special about the King of Pop. is reporting that a petition has been started to keep “Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson” from being broadcast.  The special — which is scheduled to debut January 13th in the U.K. — will feature a reenactment of Jackson’s autopsy.  Fans behind the petition call the show “an affront to human dignity,” adding, quote, “This type of sensational and unscrupulous reporting can only cause harm.”  More than 15-hundred people have signed the petition, which is still well short of the goal of 50-thousand signatures. 

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 from cardiac arrest.  It was later determined that he had lethal levels of the drug Propofol in his system.  Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has admitted to providing the drug, and is now facing an involuntary manslaughter charge in connection with Jackson’s death.  He is due back in court on January 4th.