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CLOSE has the proof : Video games are a very competitive thing when it comes to rappers, especially John Madden Football. After a lot of trash talking between Bow Wow and Game, hip hop video game site put together a showdown between the two. Unfortunately the game did not live up to hype and Game beat Bow Wow like he stole something.

The problem is Bow Wow never paid Game the money he owed him from the match until this past weekend. More than a year after they played in the first place.

Game tweeted. “After a year of trying to GET PAID, da lil homie [Bow Wow] to me give me the rest of my $100,000 ! R.E.D”

Followed by Bow Wow’s reply on twitter saying. “Rt this!! Just paid [rapper, Game] his 85,000$”

Bow Wow also attached a picture of him allegedly handing over the balance in a Louis Vuitton backpack.

Better late than never.