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An Indianapolis grandmother baby-sitting her daughter’s children while the woman appeared on “The Jerry Springer Show” pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of battery and neglect.

Madelyn Smith, 45, faces 11 felony counts in connection with serious injuries suffered by a 6-month-old girl in her care.

“This infant had broken legs, lesions on the soles of her feet and other various injuries to her forehead,” said Indianapolis police Sgt. Linda Jackson.

Police said Smith had been baby-sitting her 1-year-old granddaughter and the girl’s 6-month-old sister for several days while their mother went to the East Coast to appear on the TV show.

When another family member went to pick up the girls, she told police she noticed the 6-month-old was hurt. When she questioned Smith about the injuries, Smith said the 1-year-old was responsible, police said.

Smith’s initial hearing was delayed several days after she repeatedly tried to commit suicide after her arrest on Feb. 22.

Still, Smith’s parents said they don’t believe she could hurt a child.

“She’s a loving, caring person. No, no, everything they said in there (in court) was no,” said Smith’s father, Robert Smith.

“This is a nightmare for all of us. We are hurt about this,” said Smith’s mother, Hazel Smith. “We know our daughter wouldn’t do nothing like this intentionally.”

Smith was being held in a special section of the Marion County Jail where she can be monitored.

The condition of the 6-month-old was not released.

Source: WRTV 6 News