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Last Friday I was awakened in the middle of the night buy a friend at my door.  My daughter who was suppose to have been sleep…was not!  I looked over and saw this plate after my friend left and I couldn’t believe my eyes! My child had cut her hair. 

I had discussed with my child that she was not allowed to play with scissors.  She also knows that she is not allowed to do her hair.  I was so dissappointed.  I took her into the bathroom and said “look at  your hair?” She laughed.  I did not.  “Why would you cut your hair?”  She responded that her hair was in her face.  She had cut off 3 ponytails!! (insert a super sigh right here) 

So I told my parents about this and some of my friends.  Most people believe she did it because I cut MY hair.  What do you think?  I really thought about this.  When she first saw me after I got my hair cut she said “Mommy, why did you cut your hair?”  I told her that it made me feel better.  Is there a chance that maybe she felt the same way? Or maybe she did get bothered by her ponytails being in her face.  I’m not sure.  Either way, I couldn’t get too made because I clearly remember cutting bangs in my hair when I was younger.  Did I beat her, absolutely not.  I made clear she was wrong and she didn’t get to see the movie Hop.  She was extremely sad but we have to learn our lesson.