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Erik D. Williams, the artist, song writer and producer, (also known as Eroc) was born February 6, 1985 in Indianapolis, IN. As an early teen, Eroc used to beat on the walls and make beats at home. Once he turned 16, he began to use a beat machine and figured that music may be a career that he would like to pursue further. But like most teens, Erik was unfocused and decided to enjoy his youth by hanging out with friends.

As the youthful Erik, constantly struggled with the lack of opportunity to pursue music, he finally decided to create his own opportunity. After having and recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident, Erik decided the time for music was now. He established the company History Makerz, LLC in 2005 and opened his own studio in a high rise in downtown Indianapolis. With no formal music training, Erik began working with some of industries greatest artists, song writers and producers. Erik’s studio became a success after just a few short months of being open. The company and studio opened up many doors for Erik and has propelled him to be the successful business man that he is today.