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During his in-depth interview At: Guitar Center’ podcast, T-Pain spoke on working with Kanye, and his influence for penning their hit “Good Life.”

On the podcast, pain breaks down what inspires him to write lyrics during a collaboration and reveals just what he was thinking about when writing to the Chi-town MC’s song.

“Really, it’s just feeling their vibe and seeing the aura of the whole room and the people they hang around and even like the stuff they order to eat. It’s like really a lot of little things that go into me doing features with somebody.

Like when I did ‘Good Life’ for Kanye, I came up with that concept because he was ordering lobster and Cristal, but he didn’t know I was coming up with these things in my head as he was ordering this stuff. I pulled up in a regular Cadillac Escalade SUV; he’s got a driver and a Maybach outside waiting on him. It’s like, this is the good life.

So you know, automatically as soon as I heard the beat, I’m like, this is what this song is about.”