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Everyone makes mistakes, even the 24 hour News network CNN!

This aired yesterday along with an apology when a story was reported about an 103 year old woman driver in Pennsylvania and a hip hop song by Lil B aired. Check out the video

CNN anchor Kyra Phillips had to apologize Wednesday after the network accidentally played a Lil B song featuring the S-word.

For a clip on a 103-year-old Pennsylvania woman who still drives, CNN played Lil B’s “Wonton Soup” to go into break.

The clip of the song they used?

“Oh god damn Based God! / Hopped up out my car (swag!) / Then I drop my roof / Wet like wonton soup. / That’s just how I do (swag!)”

“We aired some music just a few minutes ago, and, obviously for those of you that heard it, it was the wrong music that aired,” Phillips said shortly thereafter. “We apologize for that. It was a terrible mistake. And we’re working very hard to make up for it.”