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This past weekend, a restaurant in an Atlanta suburb named “Chops and Hops” made a bold advertising decision. They created a sandwich called the Black and Bleu Burger in reference to Rihanna’s face after she was assaulted by Chris Brown.

This wasn’t a quiet, in-restaurant promotion. The image above is copied from their Facebook page, which is obviously open for all to see. Not smart fellas. I have a pretty twisted sense of humor and  have made my share of inappropriate Rihanna jokes, but even I know this is terrible. You’re a legitimate business using something awful to market your product. How did someone possibly think that was going to go well?

I’ll give them credit for two things though. First, by the following morning they had already connected with Project Safe and agreed to give 6-times their revenue from the burger to the charity. Second, and more controversial, is leaving the initial post up on their page. While some may see that as trying to continue to get publicity, I see it as accepting responsibility for their reprehensible decision. There were no supporters in the comment stream, so it seems appropriate to let that stay there and show how outraged people were. They also chose not to eliminate commenting from the page like most companies would do in the same situation. If nothing else, they are at least facing the backlash head-on instead of hoping it goes away.