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At this point, Drake has plenty of money. He might complain about it in, like, every single song he writes now, but the guy is paid. And, as a result of it, he’s got lots (and lots!) of jewelry, including rings, to his name. But, his latest piece of bling is pretty priceless and something that not just anyone can get.

It’s the same national championship ring that was given to Anthony Davis and the rest of the members of the2011-12 University of Kentucky men’s basketball team as well as their coaches, trainers, and other staff members. And, for whatever reason, Drake just got his own UK ring, too—complete with a personalized “DRIZZY”inscription—from UK head coach John Calipari. He got it for…well, we’re not sure what for. Drake has been spotted at UK games in the past. And, he also performed at UK’s “Big Blue Madness” celebration a few years ago. But, outside of that, we’re not sure why the team felt the need to give him a ring.

What we do know, though, is that Drake now has as many rings as his buddy LeBron James. Take that, Bron-Bron! Kobe told you that getting one ring wasn’t ish, right?!


Source: Complex