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fightMurray Bergtraum High School, which is located in Manhattan’s downtown financial district and has been plagued with a violent reputation, is now in the news yet again. This time, student fisticuffs involving two separate incidents was caught on tape last Thursday, reports the New York Daily News.

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Surrounded by fellow classmates egging them on with their smart phones, several female teens can be seen duking it out. As the violence spirals out of control, nearby students are seen jumping in to the fights as they wildly throw punches.

Watch the Murry Bergtraum High School fight here:

According to an unnamed Department of Education (DOE) representative who spoke to the New York Daily News, “There were two fights among girls in the hallway, and students left classrooms to see the fight.” While no arrests have been made or injuries reported, summonses were handed out.

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BergtraumMurray Bergtraum High School (pictured at right) has had its fair share of bad press over the years due to numerous episodes of violence.

Bergtraum, which made the city’s list of “Impact” or violent schools in 2009, made negative headlines in December 2010 when New York City police placed a metal detector in the building because of a student riot, where a NYPD officer got hit over the head with a trash can and an individual was sent to the hospital.

Watch the riot here:

Bergtraum, which is ironically located behind the city’s police headquarters, offers business and marketing courses as well as hands-on experience in a school store. Despite the many efforts of educational administrators to correct the violent culture at Bergtraum, there is an array of problems that still plague it, such as overcrowding, below than average attendance, a high drop-out rate, and discipline problems.

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