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I was reached out to via email from a rapper coming all the way from Nigeria by way of Indianapolis! It’s not about me though. It’s about hip-hop being GLOBAL and getting some fresh new rhymes from a new face and voice. So I got a video and a few joints from rapper ReDkAd! Read up about him and then check out his joints!

Redkad is fast becoming Nigeria’s deepest lyricist. Born and Bred in Lagos Nigeria he Recently relocated to USA where he is now a resident of Indianapolis. Redkad a super lyricist rose to prominence in 2011 with d release of his critically acclaimed mixtape Hip-hop dead and alive mixtape on social media and top internet blogs.. The mixtape which included songs like you loved me, one deal, my life , tribute to Elizabeth just to mention a few captured the Nigerian rap listener for its , depth,insightful lyrics, intelligent puns and story telling abilities .Born and brought up on the streets of Okota,Lagos . Redkad grew up listening to conscious emcees like Nas, Jay Z, 2Pac, KRS1 ,Common ,Guru , Prodigy, Dead Prez, Modenine, proverb etc … Fela remains one of his greatest influences.

Here are a couple more tracks from ReDkAd