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Marjorie Lyons brooklyn new york

A 34-year-old Brooklyn mother taking pain medication following a C-section fell ill in bed Thursday night and died, rolling over and accidentally smoothing her newborn, the New York Daily News reports.

When Marjorie Lyons‘s twin daughters (pictured) missed their morning breakfast and school, they simply assumed their mother was asleep. So they went to tell her brother, Jerome Guthrie, who lives on the first floor of their three-story walkup. It was 10 a.m. and Guthrie, 19, wondered why the girls weren’t in school. He went up to his sister’s second-floor apartment and found his sister sprawled out on her bed.

“Under her I saw a leg … a baby leg,” he told the Daily News. “I reached out and pulled him out. He was purple all over. I screamed, ‘Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead!’ ”

Guthrie ran out of the building and grabbed the first police officer he could find. The cop called the paramedics and who pronounced Lyons and her baby dead at the scene. Police say there didn’t seem to be any signs of foul play. The 34-year-old mother’s relations say she was suffering from complications tied to the baby’s delivery and likely rolled over on the boy by accident.

“[Marjorie] was a very nice person,” her father, Douglas Lyons, 52, told the Daily News. “She gets along with everybody. She loves kids. All the kids around here love her.”

Relatives believe the tragedy may have stemmed from a Caesarean section on Sept. 30. Lyons left the hospital on Oct. 3, but was still complaining of pain.

“[She had] constant stomach pain,” her father said, adding that his daughter also had a Caesarean section with her twin daughters, but didn’t have the lingering pain she had this time around.

Marjorie’s father told the New York Post that the family is struggling with how tell her twin daughters that their mom is no longer with them.“We just tell them that she’s sick,” Lyons said.

“They keep coming back and saying, ‘Why are we taking so long to take her to the doctor it Mommy is sick?’

“We’re just saying that we have to through certain procedures first, but Mommy’ll soon go to the hospital.

“They want Mommy to go to the hospital so she can go get better and come back home.”

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