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According to Shaq sure is living it up in Cleveland. Just days after his wife Shaunie, files for legal separation, I’m hearing the Cleveland Cavalier’s forward has another woman–and her one year old baby–living with him in Cleveland. And get this, she’s a stripper who formerly worked in Atlanta. Looks like there might be some truth to that rumor that Shaq was messing around with an exotic dancer…

Shaq’s wife files for legal separation

How does one get away with living with their jump-off you ask? Well according to, Shaunie never officially or completely moved to Cleveland once Shaquille went to the Cavaliers a few months ago. Their kids were still in school in Florida, so that where she resided with them most of the time. And it seems like Shaunie was hip to Shaq’s little game and was just waiting on the perfect time to strike.

I wonder who the daddy is of that 1 year old baby?