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Lucious collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where he learned that the experimental drug he was taking was causing his symptoms to worsen rather than improve.

Hakeem gave Camilla that tackiest gift in the world—a gold necklace whose plate spelled out his name.  Camilla  is beyond unimpressed, so Hakeem promises to put her on the VIP list for the investor showcase.

Jamal and Olivia’s little girl was left at the Empire offices.  Lucious told Jamal he would take her home while they searched for Olivia, who disappeared.

Anika slipped Elle a mickey to make sure whose was good and jacked up before the show.  Thankfully, Jamal and Hakeem were ready to rock the stage.  Lucious suffered a tremor in his throat which temporarily rendered him unable to speak, so he called on Cookie to deliver the message to the investors, and she hit a home run.

Lucious gathered the family—minus Anika—at the house to finally tell them about his ALS diagnosis.  With all the emotion spilling over from his reveal, he and Cookie took a moment and began to reminisce, then took it to the bedroom.  Anika walked in and got an eye full.

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