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FOX's "Empire" - Season OneIf you have been watching Empire’s then you’ve probably got the character Tiana’s song, “Adios,” stuck in your head along with many other Empire songs that she has been featured on so far like “Drip Drop” and for good reason. As it turns out, the actress who plays Tiana on Empire, Serayah McNeill, is a musician in her own right. Although, McNeill’s gig on Empire is her first role in front of a camera, the young singer/dancer/actress is already working hard on other ventures.

Well on Wednesday morning, McNeil sat down with The Morning Heat in-studio to discuss the hit FOX show Empire, along with her role on the show and the praise and criticism that the shows faces on a daily basis. She even discussed her other ventures musically and acting wise. As of right now, she has multiple tracks currently available on SoundCloud, so an album is likely in the works. Not to mention, her character will continue her relationship with Hakeem, while also having a key role in the show, musically.

Watch Serayah with The Morning Heat below:

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