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Andrew H. Walker


Kid Cudi appeared in a hilarious segment on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! During the segment, he talks about how the last song of a concert is often the best one because it means it’s time to go home.

“Yeah, especially if it’s a band that you don’t really love and you’re there just because there’s some chick you really like,” he says.

When asked if he ever pulled the yawn-hug move on a date, Kid Cudi objects. “A yawn seems like you’re bored, right? The arm around the shoulder’s a little forceful,” he explains. “It means, ‘Let’s have sex right now at the concert.’ Hugging leads to other things.” Before long, the entire set is making Prince faces and sounds.

Cudi will replace the show’s band leader Reggie Watts, who’s leaving for new post on  The Late Late Show. But his official start date is July 10.

Check out Cudi’s silly Prince impersonation below.

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