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Sooo Some Genius thought it should be ok to be able for business owners to tell people YOU CANT SPEND YA MONEY HERE BECAUSE OF YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS … This isnt a joke or anything, Crazy right next thing you know it will be colored and white only drinking fountains .. But whats even crazier is this not only passed The State Senate And the House Judiciary Committee But Gov Pence has said HE WILL SIGN IT WHEN IT HITS HIS DESK SMH.. But he might have a change of heart if Conventions that bring in millions to Indianapolis decide to pull away . For Example Gen Con who has signed to be here until 2020 has already said it could possibly look to moving its events because of the Bill … This could affect other events like The Fire Fighter conventions, Final 4 and other major money events that come to Indy .. We will keep you up to date on if Gov Pence decides to have a change of heart or if he will sign off on the FREEDOM BILL .. Catch more of the story RIGHT HERE