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It’s a bit early in the season for passive aggressive LeBron James to make an appearance, but alas, the Cleveland Cavs are 5-6 and James is feeling a certain kind of way.

In an attempt to do who knows what, LeBron took to Instagram on Monday night to post the Arthur fist meme alongside a caption that read “Mood…”

Was it in response to the Cavs’ abnormally slow start to the season? Was it that the Celtics are off to an 8-2 start and Kyrie Irving just dropped 35 points on Atlanta? Did his iPhone X get lost in the mail? We didn’t know—until the Cavs beat the Bucks at home and the media finally got a chance to ask a pressing question that had nothing to with the actual game: What was up with the Arthur meme? The King’s answer was actually pretty simple.

“I like Arthur,” he deadpanned. “That’s okay, right?”

We get it, Arthur is a great show, it really is. But do we actually believe he posted the meme because he likes Arthur? Nah, not for one second.

One of those Golden State boys, Draymond Green, didn’t pass up the chance to troll James by posting a picture of himself looking happy as hell on Instagram with a caption that of course read “Mood…”

Bron Bron took to Instagram last night to reaffirm that Arthur is forever his mood by posting a collage with the Arthur fist, alongside photos of himself in high school and several other throwbacks where he just so happens to be balling up his fist.

Is this what it will take for the Cavs to get it together and head to a fourth final with the Golden State Warriors? We don’t know. But it was enough to get Kevin Love to step up and go for 32 points and 16 rebounds. And J.R. Smith went off (off!) and passed Rashard Lewis for 14th place on NBA’s all-time three-point list. So, we’ll see.

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