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Bobby Shmurda GQ interview

Source: Flo Ngala / GQ

After six long years, Bobby Shmurda is finally home! The true Brooklyn representative who didn’t snitch on his man’s and ate that prison time like a Kings County soldier has finally touched home and while all of us have questions for the “Hot Ni**a” rapper, GQ got the scoop as soon as he walked out of jail a free man.

Everyone on social media has already seen the blue carpet that was rolled out for Bobby as soon as he left Clinton Correctional Facility, with Rowdy Rebel and Quavo showering him with love and the finest material things money can buy, but what is Bobby thinking under that Mets cap is what everyone is wondering.

From talking about how he got by in the bing to what he has planned going forward, Bobby seems like a man reborn and ready to take life by the horns and ride it till the hooves fall off.

Here are the 7 things we learned from Bobby Shmurda in GQ.

To live his best life in prison, Bobby says he would get jobs as it was the way to ensure he’d get some privileges that others wouldn’t including showering five times a week (instead of three) and getting more time on the horn. Unfortunately, it didn’t always work out for Bobby as “they kept firing my ass when they realized I was just doing it to stay on the phone.”

Some fans noticed that Bobby walked out a free man with a brace on his right hand. When asked how he ended up bandaged up, Bobby simply replied “You know what happened… Jail is jail.” Yeah, no further explanation needed, bruh.

With time to reflect on how he went from a rap star to a prison inmate, Bobby says it was a letter from a six-year-old girl that made him re-evaluate his life and what it meant to others who follow him. “That just let me know the kids are watching, and I have to be a role model.” Bobby’s for the kids, y’all.

Though Bobby was one of the game’s hottest rappers when he went to prison, he says he didn’t take his newfound career to seriously as all he thought about was “Money and bitches.” But now with the love and praise he’s gotten over the years, he’s ready to get on his grizzly and make the music game his life.

Most people were left scratching their heads wondering why Quavo was one of the people going to pick up Bobby from prison. According to him the Migos, Bobby and Rowdy Rebel’s friendship goes back to when they first met in 2014. Since then they’ve always had a tight relationship with Quavo saying, “Him and Rowdy would call, and whatever they needed, I was there for them.”

Like a lot of men who ended up locked up, Bobby got into reading law books, but what’s interesting is that he’s not really into real estate. “I only want to talk about real estate now. Ask anybody. [This morning] I said, ‘Quavo—real estate!’ and he’s like, ‘Chill, you just got out.’ They made me a monster now.” Bobby ‘bout to own Brooklyn forreal forreal in due time.

Bobby reveals that he and Nipsey Hussle (R.I.P) actually spoke a few times before Nip was murdered out in L.A. Aside from just building on a personal level, Shmurda says he and Nip had plans on working together once he was a free man. “I only had four or five conversations with cousin,” Bobby says, the last of which took place just one month before Hussle’s tragic murder. “His mind was different. He was saying all the things we were going to do when I got out.”

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