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INDIANAPOLIS — Every week, WRTV receives messages about missed trash pickup service. Sometimes it has been days, other times it has been weeks; their frustrations are all the same.

Olivia Brubaker, who lives in Lockerbie Square, says her neighborhood went around three weeks without service.

“There are so many trash pickups that have been missed that people are filing for their whole block. My trash has been missed. It has been two weeks, three weeks,” Brubaker said. “It’s just a frustrating cycle. We’ve learned a lot as a community to keep trying and keep pursuing it.”

Brubaker credits her neighbors for their persistence, calling the Mayor’s Action Center & the Department of Public Works, to finally get their trash picked up.

On the City of Indianapolis’ revamped service request site, you can see all the filings for missed trash pickups.

Brubaker said she and her neighbors are understanding but want assurances this will not continue to be an ongoing problem.

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