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Joe Hogsett

Source: JOE HOGSETT/AC Brown / amos

INDIANAPOLIS — Mayor Joe Hogsett will seek a third and final term in office, he announced Tuesday evening.

Speaking to a group of supporters at the Indianapolis City Market, Hogsett began by touting his leadership and the city’s record through the COVID-19 pandemic, which began just months after he was reelected in 2019. The Mayor suggested the pandemic stalled progress towards public safety, housing, education, transit, and infrastructure goals.

“I’m not here tonight to talk about yesterday. I’m here to talk about the next four years,” Hogsett said. “Because that Indianapolis, it was within our grasp three years ago. And I believe it’s closer than ever today.”

During his announcement, Hogsett said in the coming weeks and months he will speak in more detail about his plans for the next four years.

“There are some who would rather the City-County Building look more like the state and federal levels of government,” Hogsett added, while citing measured passed with bipartisan input during his time in office. “My vision for Indianapolis is one where we continue to be the exception to this modern political rule. As every other level of government is characterized by partisan rancor, here in Indianapolis we’re able to work together. That’s who I am, it’s who I’ve always been.”

Hogsett also shared the impact of his violence reduction plan, introduced at the beginning of 2022. The plan inlcudes millions of dollars in funding for crime reduction technology, pay increases for officers, and civilian-led programming.

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