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Dirty Dishes

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INDIANAPOLIS — Residents at Lugar Towers are begging for help after nearly a month of boiling water to bathe, cook and more.

“It’s madness,” resident Anthony Bright said.

“It’s just complete chaos here,” said resident Tywon Ivey.

“No hot water. We have to boil water and it’s just ridiculous. It’s just really sad. It’s under new management as you can see the management office is never open,” resident Sheila Livingston said.

The Indianapolis Housing Agency transitioned management to the Bradley Company Team last month.

WRTV saw a maintenance worker onsite. He told us, the water system is overwhelmed.

IHA says boilers need to be repaired or replaced. There is no timeline of when this problem will be resolved and Bradley Company management wasn’t in the office to answer questions Monday.

Several residents feel they’ve been abandoned.

“Since December 1st, 2022 we’ve been left behind. We are dealing with everything. The homeless are taking over. If we need help we don’t have anyone in office staff to help us,” Bright said.

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