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If you’re not familiar with “The Bad Girls Club,” it’s a reality show, produced by the same people behind “The Real World,” that airs on the Oxygen Network. The show follows seven women with a number of mental, anger, personal and psychological problems as they live together for four months.

Better-known castmates have included Joanna Hernandez, better known as “Cocktail,” the winner of the first season of “For The Love of Ray-J, and Natalie Nunn, who earlier this year implied that she and Chris Brown had hooked up and, after his denial, threatened to release naked photos of him.

Well, Nunn got her ass handed to her on yesterday’s episode, and it ultimately led to castmate Portia being kicked off the show for throwing the first punch. On their way home from speed dating, the girls became frustrated with the way Natalie acted in front of the other guys. Portia confronted Natalie on the way she lives, but Natalie left the limo to avoid confrontation. When the girls arrived home, Natalie refused to enter the house until Portia had calmed down, but when Portia over heard Natalie talking ish about her child, she snapped.