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10 Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts …

Ah, Mother’s Day, the one day a year dedicted to showing your mum just how much you appreciate everything she’s ever done, and continues to do, for you! You’ve found the perfect card from Kati’s list, but now what about a gift? It must be thoughtful, sweet, fabulous, and of course, better than what your sister gets her! Not sure what to get? Here’s my list of a few things your mum is bound to love this Mother’s Day…


1. “My mother, my friend” necklace

Price: $59.95 at

When I was a surly, wretched teenager, I was nearly allergic to my mother, and now, she’s my best friend. Her tastes are understated, elegant, and simple, so this necklace would be an ideal gift. She’s so much more than just my mom… and this is such a great way to let her know on Mother’s Day!

2. Languages of mom necklace

Price: $59.95 at

What better way to tell mom you love her, than to just tell her? Choose from one of three languages (French, Italian, and Spanish) and let her know with this pretty necklace?

3. Mother and child necklace

Price: $69.95 at

No more necklaces, I promise! But this last one is just too lovely to pass on. It features the Chinese characters for “mother” and either “daughter” or “son” etched in mother-of-pearl, with the English translation in sterling silver underneath. What a sweet Mother’s Day gift!

4. Flowering tea gift set

Price: $49.95 at

I come from a long line of tea drinkers, my mother included. It’s her one real indulgence, and this Mother’s Day, I plan to give her this flowering tea set. It includes a clear glass pot and a sampling of 9 different teas that bloom when you steep them. So pretty, and perfect if your mum enjoys tea!

5. Fortune cookie bath fizzies

Price: $34.95 at

Myself, as a mother, I would love to get a gift like this for Mother’s Day! It’s an indulgence, for sure, and who among us moms doesn’t want a little of that? Each cute little fortune cookie shaped fizzie contains lavender essential oils, perfect for a soothing bath, and when the fizzing stops, a tiny laminated fortune floats to the top of the bathwater. Well, it IS a fortune cookie!

6. Personalized mommy shirt

Price: $24.95 at

We mommies are proud of all of our children, whether we have one, two, or ten! Give your mom a gift that will let her boast a little… it’s completely personalized and she’ll love it! Choose the text color (pink, blue, or green), the endearment (mom, mum, mommy, etc.), and the number, and this fitted, soft brown shirt will appear exactly how you, and your mom, will want it!

7. Pottery Barn French wire photo display

Price: $29.00 at

What mom doesn’t display oodles of snaps of her sweet little babies, even if those babies are now in their fifties? I love this photo display because it’s so unique, and because mom can use it to show off all kinds of things — photos, ticket stubs, postcards, and more! This would be a fantastically sweet Mother’s Day gift, wouldn’t it?

8. Amazon Kindle electronic reader

Price: $259.00 at

Does you mother enjoy reading? Then this really might be the gift for her this Mother’s Day! It’s slim, and lightweight, about the same size as a typical magazine, and it can hold up to 1,500 of her favorite books! And there are literally hundreds of thousands of books to choose from, so it’s almost certain that all of her favorite books are available…

9. Apple iPod Nano

Price: $149.00 at

My mom is something of a techno-phobe, but even she loves her iPod. She can listen to James Taylor and Billy Joel anytime, anywhere! If you mum loves music, then an iPod would be a very sweet Mother’s Day gift. Choose from one of nine gorgeous colors, from plain white and basic black to spicy orange and vibrant pink. The 8 GB model stores up to 2,000 songs… that’s a lot of vintage music for your mother!

10. Godiva chocolate tea party basket

Price: $125.00 at

It goes without saying — if all else fails, and no other Mother’s Day gift sounds quite right, opt for chocolate. This is the ultimate choclate gift for Mother’s Day, packed with everythng yummy and indulgent, from truffles and coffee to raisin scone mix and tangerine marmalade. Your mother is certain to adore this, and of course, YOU!

Your mother is sure to love any of these gifts this Mother’s Day… what’s not to love? Jewelry, chocolate, bath-time indulgence… every one of these gifts is sweet and thoughtful, just like mom! Which of these do you like best? What do you plan to give your mother this Mother’s Day? Please let me know!