Leave it to Chris Brown to bless us with a video full of color and of course DANCING! ‘Wobble Up’ is a fun track with Nicki Minaj and G Eazy, and the video shows that. Oh and did I see Tyga?! Watch and let me know! #YouMyGirlDaniD

T.I. is always dropping gems on us and he definitely shed some real knowledge in his Instagram post above. It also looks like he hinted to new music being on the way in his caption.  If that’s true, of course Hot 96.3 will play it for you first exclusively.  Be on the lookout in June! […]

Dinah Jane is only 21 years old, but she must have a lot of experience when it comes to men doing her wrong.  Ladies, we can relate and have definitely heard all of the lies and bulls*%$ before! Enjoy! #YouMyGirlDaniD

Lil Dicky releases "Earth" song and a short featuring music’s biggest stars to celebrate Earth Day and bring much-needed attention to the climate change crisis.

Today marks the first day of Black History Month, and I have to show my appreciation for the Black Man! The Kings in the picture and video are models right here in Indianapolis, shining a positive light and representing togetherness… Not to mention, they are fine FINE! lol Keep up the great work fellas. You’re […]

Nicki Minaj always comes through with visuals, and the Hard White video is one of many from songs off of her latest album, Queen. Watch below and let us know your thoughts. #YouMyGirlDaniD

Will Smith (Mike Lowery) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett) gave us a first look at the Bad Boys for Life movie while filming, and fans are geeked! The image is enough, but hearing P. Diddy say, “WE AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE!” is the icing on the cake!

Fans have been patiently waiting for Dreezy’s 2nd album, which is not complete, but she blessed us with a new project in the meantime, titled Big Dreez! The reviews are looking like it’s a hit so far. Check it out!  

Fans recently clowned Chingy on Instagram for having a bad hair day, which prompted him to record a video acknowledging that he saw the jokes. He also asked to be hooked up with the best barbers in the cities that he’ll be in for the Millennium Tour.  The show will hit Indianapolis on March 21st […]

When I first listened to Ella Mai’s debut album, I knew that ‘Shot Clock’ would be a hit.  The track is so real, especially for millennials who are currently tired of wasting time and want to make it official with the one they love… Hence, shot clock. How much time do you give someone you’re […]

I was literally sitting on my couch last night, and got excited all over again about the thought of seeing B2K and more at the upcoming Millennium Tour… so excited that I started to watch my favorite B2K videos on YouTube including the 3 below.  Ladies, say it with me… “Whew Chile, they were(are) fine!” […]

Are you living or are you just existing? It’s a question that Rickey Smiley is encouraging all of his listeners to answer because HE understands that it’s important love the life you live. For some people, it’s simply taking the time to enjoy the little things or take a vacation. For others, it’s finding a […]