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Milk Crates are not the most sturdy objects, but some Black women are effortlessly defeating the wobbly structures with ease.

The Crate Challenge has caused plenty of potential injuries, comedy and then some over the course of the last few days with many people asking one question -- who in the hell had all these crates sitting around?

Twitter once more goes towards humor for comfort with a hilarious trend of using pop culture references to depict how the Delta Variant is ruining plans for the fall.

The conversation on wearing bonnets in public is appropriate continues, this time with Mo'Nique calling out a woman's attire in general.

Safaree Samuels proudly announced that he planned on lightening his skin - and was immediately thrown to the wolves on social media.

Mariah Carey chose violence and decided to recreate her 2009 Eminem shade, prosthetic beard and bandana in tact, for a TikTok celebration on the 12th anniversary of "Obsessed."