Hannibal Burress is coming to town this Saturday (Oct. 1) for his comedy tour The Hannibal Montanabal Experience.  He talked with Eliott King about working with The Rock, having T.I. walk out on his show, cat fishing on Tinder and so much more.  Check it out    

Rihanna released a short little video called “Goodnight Gotham”.  A little something extra for the people as it was a bonus track on her latest album Anti.  Watch as Rihanna just runs full speed into a crowd of adoring fans in Paris and proceed to take pictures galore. Source:

What’s Going Down In Sports? I’m kind of sad about this one because I watch First Take every single morning and I feel like it’s the end of a talking smack era on sports television.  Skip Bayless has decided to leave ESPN when his contract expires this August. His final appearance on First Take will […]

Sneak peek into Chris Browns “Welcome To My Life” documentary

Ty Dolla Sign and Future made their way to Indy a few weeks ago on the Purple Reign Tour. Today part 1 of the tour documentary was released that included their stops in Detroit, Madison , and Iowa City. I spy Keisha Nicole and Bria Fachon in front of the stage turning up! Check out […]

Sage The Gemini had us all fooled last week when he released a post on IG professing his love for his ex girlfriend Jordin Sparks. I know I was rooting for the two after he made a public heartfelt apology. Fast forward to this week, his ex fiance released audio of him talking crazy about […]