New York rapper Shyne is in the process of regaining his freedom after serving nine years in prison on assault and attempted murder charges. Prior to his arrest, Shyne was a rising star on Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy label. While Shyne will soon be free to resume his rap career, Diddy says it won't be continuing with Bad Boy. <!--more-->

At this point, some might not ever care if Detoxcomes out. Expectations are made so that they can be met, but as constant delays continue to hold the album back, some fans are getting tired of just waiting around. <!--more-->

Word around the gossip mill is that Ursh is haulting the divorce proceedings. I guess he’s not quite finished with that album yet and needs to keep a few things on deck. <!--more-->

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I was having a discussion with a friend about Tyler Perry recently and they lamented that while they have respect for his achievements, it bothers them that he had to wear a dress to be a success. He went further to say that for Black actors, and specifically Black comedians, it is almost a requirement […]