In an effort to try and eliminate “inappropriate attire,” Morehouse College has adopted a policy that bans sagging and other styles with the Hip-Hop culture. Washington (CNN) — President Obama has declared a national emergency to deal with the “rapid increase in illness” from the H1N1 influenza virus.

It seems like Usher is on the comeback with his new hit “Papers” blasting on HOT 96-3. The song seems like Usher wants his Suave playboy image  from back in the day and not the guy who decided to marry the thirty something year old; and it’s working! However it has come out that obviously everyone is happy about this except […]

Thursday (Oct 22nd) Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted weapons possession charges. According to he is expected to receive a maximum sentence of one year in jail, but expected to only serve 8 months behind bars.  Before the trial, Lil Wayne’s manager had publicly taken responsibility for the gun on VH1’s “Behind the Music. […]

TLC is the top-selling girl group of all time, earning the bulk of their sales during their heyday in the 90s. We all knew late member Left Eye had a wild streak, but did you know the other two girls did too? If you're a fan of the trio, you might remember their financial struggles during their peak, despite selling tens of millions of albums. In a recent interview on comedian Monique's late night show, T-Boz, detailed an incident where they strong-armed label executive Clive Davis to get their cash.

The Game is about to be the latest rapper to change his name, according to recent reports.

Affion Crockett is a fool! If you saw the Vh1’s 25 year Def Jam Hip Hop Honors show. You have to see Affion in this video. They are doing their best (and a pretty good one) Rick Ruben and Russell Simmons! **Warning Video has explicit language**

50 Cent spent $150,000.00 dollars in a club. Obviously the recession is not knocking at his door. <!--move-->

Kanye West gets community service after photographer incident. <!--move-->

FAA, still are not commenting on why boy fell 41 feet in mall. <!--move-->

Did you see this story where someone was robbed and killed? <!--move-->


More footage of the Hot 96.3 Birthday Bash After Party (courtesy of