Hip Hop has been waiting for Eminem’s return with a new album, and today during the Call of Duty “Ghost” premiere event the Official trailer was released along with no other than a new track from Em himself. A short video of Em was then played announcing his new song and the fall release of […]

 Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. It’s an excuse to dress up as someone or something else and act a fool. Another reason people look forward to the Halloween season is watching scary movies. However, one annoying thing about horror films  is that in many cases the black person dies within the first […]

What would Huey and Riley Freeman have sounded like with Rah Digga’s voice? The Jersey MC paid a visit to TheUrbanDaily recently to talk about her most recent album with Nottz, Classic, and we dug a little bit into her extracurricular activities and acting aspirations. After starring in 2001’s 13 Ghosts we asked why she […]