the dogg pound

I guess there’s no such thing as resting in peace as Nate Dogg’s estate is being sued by CareMeridian treatment facility in Orange County, California for unpaid medical bills. CareMeridian treatment facility claims it was never paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care in the final years of the Dogg Pound member’s life. Nate moved […]

written by @itsthecaptain Mike Epps came home and shut it down for Super Bowl Week. The crowds energy was amazing! Young local starts Droman and Yung Tone both did their thing and Nick Cannon also gave the city a little bit of his stand up ability! Snoop and Wiz closed out a show which was […]

West Coast vet Snoop Dogg showed his romantic side with the best gift to give a woman who has everything. In a video dedication to his wife, Snoop allowed fans to get a sneak peek into the gift that keeps on… reminding: a half sleeve tattoo of his wife on his right arm. Snoop who […]