The Rap Up

For the last decade one of hip-hop’s finest, Skillz, has been recapping the year in music for our listening enjoyment. In 2013 the folks at…

Lately the year doesn’t seem officially over until Skillz’ yearly “Rap-Up” properly summarizes the previous 365 days of foolishness. In this clip he explains how the first Rap-Up in 2002 came about and why it became so successful. “The reason that it was so popular is that they were feeling the same way I was […]

At long last Skillz makes good on dropping his annual “Rap-Up” for 2010. In true form he covers everything from the Earthquake in Haiti and Wiki Leaks to the infamous Kat Stacks and Antoine Dodson. The beat is a little more laid back than his past Rap-ups but it allows you to really absorb what […]