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( According to reports, the rapper’s name was used to brand heroin.

PIX News took a ride along with Newark police yesterday and saw the spoils of a drug bust: 500 bricks of heroin. The stash was hidden inside a side panel of an SUV, latched shut by a special motor that was built specifically for the purpose of transporting illegal drugs. The packets have brand names too, these were called “Lil Wayne?” named after the popular musician. The destination of the drugs, worth $250 million, were the streets of Newark. (KSPR News)

Additional details of the drug bust hit the Internet Monday (December 13) evening.

Authorities reported “The driver had no driver’s license. We at that point we decided to call for a narcotics dog. conducted a sniff test and sure enough right away, on the exterior of the vehicle, he had a positive reaction. This might pose a danger to the distributor himself, depending on the level he’s on. Whether he’s a mid level or lower level or he’s actually the main guy, somebody’s losing money right now.” It looks as if the rappers music has influenced the drug dealers classification system. Although the rapper had no part, it’s safe to say Wayne shouldn’t be too happy with this negative look. (The Source)