How can you not look desperate while dating? Eva and Lore'l give you their dating advice on how to get the guy. Plus, "Romance scams" happen to Black women too. Hear this woman's story about being love bombed and scammed out of her money. Plus, did you know you could make money as a professional cuddler?

Ne-Yo is allegedly involved in a four-way relationship and the drama continues to unfold. Diddy and Jermaine Dupri finally agree to go hit for hit and we are here for it. Plus, would you post a $1 million bail on your significant other?


This week, the ladies hit up the BET Awards in LA and gave us some behind-the-scenes looks and the most magical moments. Plus, you know they had to get into the hilarious and chaotic R&B Verzuz with Omarion and Mario. Lastly, Eva and Lore’l will get into Roe v Wade being overturned and the celebrities […]

This week, celebrities are calling folks out. Lizzo goes in on people using her name as an insult, London on da Track goes in on Summer Walker for bringing social media into their business, and YK Osiris says to pay your woman's bills!

Domestic violence against men has been trending all week! Eva and Lore'l break down Blac Chyna vs The Kardashians and Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard.  Plus, Kevin Samuels has Black women upset after he says unmarried women over 35 are leftovers. You know they weren't going to let him slide.

Lore'l gets undressed with special guest host Jasmine Sanders (@IamJasmineSanders) from The DL Hughley Show while Eva was out. Cam Newton is under fire for his sexist comments, while J. Lo and Ben Affleck got engaged...again. Would you circle back with an ex-boo? Plus, Solange and her son are trending and you'll never guess why!

If you didn't watch the Oscars before, we know you caught the recap. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and the whole world is talking about it. Eva and Lore'l aren't agreeing on this one--- see who was on whose side.

The Undressing Room welcomes Master P as he talks about his upcoming episode of TvOne's Uncensored airing this Sunday. He gets real with us and discusses entrepreneurship, HBCU's and more. The duo also undresses the hottest topics of the week.

We have a special guest at The Undressing Room. Queen Naija joins us to give us details about her latest single and she also chimes in on the biggest viral stories of the week. Find out about a support group for men whose wives abandoned them and more relationship violations that the ladies undress.

It's been a big week. Super Bowl happened in LA and we celebrated the day of Love...well, some of us did. Next, the duo undresses Nelly and Lil Fizz accidentally exposing themselves on social media and the chaos on Instagram. Plus, have you heard of 'conscious co-parenting'? Lore'l and Eva are gonna break this new term down for you.

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If a man doesn't have anything, he has the audacity. Lore'l and Eva undress shady men who left their girlfriends and who hide them on social media. Also, are you insecure in the bedroom? Find out what Nick Cannon does to help out his body insecurities