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Earlier today posted a video of an up and coming vixen Taina whom was utterly upset with rapper Saigon for “disrespecting her.” According to her “It all started when Saigon hit her up on Facebook eventually the two  got together at the club Greenhouse. She says he bought her drinks from the bar and she couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t in V.I.P popping bottles, or why people weren’t showing him much respect. He offered her $500 to come back to his crib and she declined.” Saigon’s publicist had this to say about the entire ordeal.

“It’s been 5 years for the album[The Greatest Story Never Told] to come out; with all the positive it is inevitable stuff like this will try and come through the cracks. We want to focus on the music, him going on tour and promoting the album. The next single “Bring Me Down” is perfectly timely!”

Saigon- Bring Me Down

The album is soaring high on The Billboard Charts.