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Here’s just one more example of female reality TV stars having a hard time getting along, but at least here, things ended up as a mere “misunderstanding.”

And we’re cautiously optimistic that’s the end of it.

When LisaRaye McCoy found herself on the other side of a mention from her “Single Ladies”  co-star Charity Shea, (she plays April on the series) who sent shout-outs to most of her cast mates, but excluded LisaRaye, McCoy took to Twitter – and reminded Charity that she’s the show’s star.

“Wow really @charitygram? U acknowledge everyone but me? Seems you’ve forgot who was #1 on the call sheet. #totaldisrespect,” Lisa wrote back in September.

LisaRaye has been down this road before, clashing with series original, Stacey Dash, who is rumored to have quit, in part because of conflicts with Lisa.

However, Lisa clarified for that Charity’s omission was just an oversight.

“I’m not a punk. You can not forget about me because I’m the first one on the call sheet,” said Lisa who accepted Charity’s apology. “She said she didn’t know I had an Instagram, so go figure.”

For now, it seems the beef is squashed, and if nothing else came from their minor dispute, Lisa said it served to publicize the return of the show in January.

“When you use social media, it’s just a way of teasing the audience and we did exactly that,” said Lisa.

Watch more from Lisa below.


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