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If you’ve seen the movie The Purge starring Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey and Edwin Hodge, you’re already familiar with the concept that drives the film. In the not to distant future, the government is replaced by “The New Founding Fathers,” and in an attempt to keep their citizens content, the politicians allow for a yearly Purge where for twelve hours, or basically from sun down to sun up, emergency services like the police, the fire department and hospitals are suspended and all crime is legal. In part one, we saw an upper-middle class suburban family fighting off homicidal home invaders just to discover their real enemies were closer than they thought. But part two of the series, aptly titled Anarchy, takes us through downtown L.A. as several new characters come into play, including the hunter known only as “Big Daddy.”

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Welp, if watching the film didn’t creep you out enough, the good people behind the movie found a way to put you in it. Welcome to The Purge: Breakout, a half murder mystery, half haunted house experience where your group is placed in Big Daddy’s basement. Once inside, you’ll find a bruised, battered and traumatized woman in a nightgown who apparently has been caught by Big Daddy and is being held and tortured by him until Purge Night begins where he can legally kill her. And guess what? You and your group get to save her! ..Or get killed right along with her by Big Daddy, who’s going to be there in 30 minutes when Purge Night starts.

From the door, nothing about this is easy. Your group is stuck in a cramped, dimly lit space recreated to look like a junky, janky basement with only the mumbling ravings of a panic stricken girl in a nightgown (who deserves the Oscar for the performance) to guide you out. You and your team must search for clues and decipher her cues in time to escape being purged as she leads you from one room to the next and deeper into Big Daddy’s depravity. The highlights include reaching your hand into a used, un-flushed toilet, a live garbage disposal, a dead body, watching a dvd of the girl you’re rescuing being beaten, breaking into a laptop and deciphering a code written in black-light just to name a few. All the while you’re trying to ignore the random mumbling from the girl, the creepy music and the updates from the announcer letting you know your time is running out.  Fun!

If you and your team stay focused and work together, you will make it out in one piece. If not, you’ll be rounded up and shoved into a closet where you’ll finally meet Big Daddy face-to-face. And as you can see from the #PurgeBreakout hashtag, plenty of good intentioned folks have walked in but very few have walked out. All in all it’s great for getting the blood running either way. If you happen to see this ride in your town, be sure to give it a whirl… just be sure you don’t have a heart condition first. This ride is NOT pace-maker approved. You’ve been warned.

“The Purge: Anarchy” is in theaters July 18th!


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