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Dear JJ,

My really good friend Donna is straight tripping off of some stupid stuff that happened in high school almost 12 years ago!  In high school I use to mess around with this guy named keith.  Nobody knew cause we kept it on the low.  Well, one day she tells me that she likes him and I told her to pursue it.  He did not however want anything to do with her.  We had stopped messing around as soon I knew that she liked him.  A few years later she found out that we messed around but I told her it was nothing and we wanted to keep it on the low. Now to the drama.  It is 12 years later and she sees keith at this bar and asks him “why did you chose Shay over me?” Him and I still keep in touch as friends only  he is ( married with 6 six now) He calls me and says I just want to let you know that your friend Donna saw me and had all of these questions about us.  So here is my dilema…do I call her and confront her, do I leave it alone, or what?