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The streets are talking! The streets are talking, sooooooooooon! Waka Flocka is going to name is album Flockaveli…FLOCKAVELI! I know some people are young, but DAYUM! Tupac fans and riders are already talking about this one. They are allegedly planning a massive…PROTEST to block and blackball the album if he keeps the name. On top of that, they are going to encourage people to actually go out and by Pac’s Makaveli album! Wow! Change the title, Waka!


Was the Swine Flu a farce, like a bad rap beef? Here is what a reader sent me.

Wut it iz Ill I read your rumor mill daily Im a soldier in da US Army so it helps pass time here at work I guess u can say America’s tax money is well spent lol thats a discussion for another time. So Swine Flu is finally up and gone? Lol the epidemic is over…NEWSFLASH there never wuz a epidemic the media and your government ONCE AGAIN used FEAR to get us all scared and rush to the doctor begging for a vaccine. All we did was make a drug company millions of dollars I read they were given a 35 million dollar contract. Too add to that they bypassed all testing because the demand was high. Meaning if u encounter problems in the future due to the vaccine the company is untouchable uncle sam got they back. If that aint bad all the vaccines are being disposed of lol….wow. Big Meech aint got nothin on these dudes lol. Its so much more to write but so little time. Thanks for the oppurtunity…o people need to wake up 4 real look for your own answers dont wait for CNN or MSNBC.

DAAAAAAAAMN! I heard the same thing from other people too! Free Prodigy! P is on it!