College marching bands have been doing a bunch of dope covers since the college football season started a few weeks ago.

The two quarterbacks finally played against each other this past Sunday. And the only thing more anticipated than the game was the two shaking hands and possibly exchanging words.

The free stream took place during Thursday night's Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game. The amount of views the stream got hasn't been released yet, but the Twitter reportedly paid less than $15 million for 10 Thursday Night Football games.

A few days after Derrick Rose was deposed in a rape lawsuit, he was traded to the New York Knicks without his new team ever hearing the victim's side of the story, according to the woman's lawyer.

Owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys was pleased when the team decision stood in unity during the national anthem.

The basketball star and comedian had a friendly game during this year's All-Star weekend in Toronto. The results were a bit surprising.

As Kaepernick’s powerful message continues to expand its reach, athletes unite in solidarity to take a stand. These are the athletes who have united against social injustice and police brutality in America.

The anti-LGBTQ law in question is one that won't let people use the bathroom they identify with, instead they have use the one corresponding with their anatomy.

Due to some unfortunate injuries, surprising trades, and deflategate, some fresh faces have a chance to show out.

It’s that time of the year again; the NFL season is beginning, NBA camps are just weeks away, and the hype for the latest NBA 2K is rising. If the latest edition to the famed video game series is as entertaining as the trailer, then sports and video game fans are in for a treat with Time to […]

With the first week of the 2016 NFL season in the books, more players have joined Colin Kaepernick's stand against injustice.

New information has surfaced in the case of Derrick Rose versus his rape accuser, who is referred to as Jane Doe. Rose insists the young woman claiming she was traumatized by an alleged gang rape is not “prudish” or sexually inexperienced as she describes herself. In an attempt to taint her credibility, his legal team is now […]