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Twitter is at again. The latest faux outrageous debate involves Big Sean and whether or not he is actually a good rapper, no pun intended.

While Hip-Hop tastes are subjective, let the record show that Big Sean is indeed a “good” rapper. In fact, considering he has six proper albums, and numerous mixtapes to his name, he is way better than the average rapper. We’re not even going to reference record sales, or the fact that his peers respect his talents or that the Detroit native has a way with words. Did these folks not listen to “Blessed” or “Mercy” or the Dark Sky Paradise album? Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping folk on social media from adamantly slandering the man.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Sunday. Maybe it’s because people are bored. Maybe it’s because he’s still romantically involved with Jhene Aiko. Whatever the reason, some of y’all are cold and are actually entertaining that he is the “worst” rapper.

It seems to have popped off after many started RT’ing and replying to this rogue tweet. “who’s the worst rapper you’ve heard n why is it big sean,” asked Twitter user @blondedwavyx on May 1. 

Worst rapper, though? Considering the litany of weak-barred MC’s polluting airwaves and playlists. Even Lil B recognized the audacity.

Big Sean’s latest album, Detroit 2, was released back in September 2020 to generally positive reviews. We compiled some of the most stirring anti-Big Sean tweets, as well as some of the most supportive, for archival purposes. Remember that Twitter says a lot of things, but they’re not always accurate.

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