Black Tony

  Black Tony has had jobs at the trap house, radio station and now he’s gearing up to become a driver. In this video he picked up a young lady that was going to the airport. Once entering the car she begins to smell weed. Black Tony then tells her he smokes and drinks on […]

Gucci Mane chats with the morning show cast about his new album, “East Atlanta Santa.” He talks about making amends with people in his new mindset, and whether or not he would perform at Donald Trump‘s inauguration. Gucci also talks about his first time producing a film, which will come out next year. Sign Up […]

It’s no secret that Black Tony‘s all-time favorite artist is Gucci Mane. He has called Rickey Smiley numerous times completely distraught and in tears over something having to do with Gucci, whether it’s because he thought some harm had come to his beloved favorite rapper, or because he had just missed seeing him live and […]

Black Tony calls into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” with news that he just won $10,000 in a scratch-off contest! Rickey Smiley a tries to convince him to put it in savings, but Black Tony’s got some other plans to use it more immediately. Click on the audio player to hear more in this hilarious […]