Parents, do your kids need a midday break? Kids are you missing your daily recess? Well take a break on July 17th and blow off some steam with DJ Slater Hogan during Hot 96.3’s Recess! Recess is a live half hour of music education with DJ Slater Hogan for kids to blow off steam while […]

A Kentucky high school principal apologized for one of his teachers' homework assignments that repeatedly used the n-word. It was supposed to prepare the students for when they encountered the slur in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Oakland Public Schools announced plans to launch a program focused on helping Black girls succeed. The school district pioneered a similar program for at-risk Black boys in 2010.

A White House conference spotlighted the obstacles girls of color face in school. The Obama administration announced a set of tools to help school districts address sexual trauma and other needs of this neglected demographic.

A state judge ruled that Connecticut underfunds poor schools. The state now has a deadline to overhaul its system.

A Mississippi judge wants schools to handle misbehaving students.

Reports of a 'Blacks Only' dorm at Cal State L.A. are false. The school sets the record straight.

Marvel Comics unveils its lineup of special issues to promote math and science education. Three of the superheroes are Black.

Chicago public schools announced a record high graduation rate. The teachers union applauded the students, community organizations, and educators for more than a decade of hard work.

Northern Kentucky University students rallied against racism. A flier mocking Welcome Black Week sparked the protest.

Two Mississippi universities removed state flags from campus over its controversial embedded Confederate emblem. They join five other Mississippi public colleges that have removed the flag. Only one remains.

Diddy loves the kids. The morning after Sunday night’s VMAs, Diddy stopped by Capital Prep, his new charter school, to deliver words of encouragement to students. “I was able to be successful,” he said. “I was able to gain tools and secrets and knowledge about what it takes to be a leader, what it takes to […]