Joe Hogsett

(Indianapolis, IN) – It is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Jessica Evans from Purchased, a local non-profit organization, is working to combat Human Trafficking. Purchased launched curricula that they take into schools and juvenile placements to raise awareness, as well as a mentorship program for girls who have been trafficked in Indiana. Plus, my commentary on Mayor […]

(Indianapolis, IN) – Indianapolis has a new mayor, Joe Hogsett, and he has his plans, including putting more cops in Indy’s worst neighborhoods, sharing information with other area agencies and pursuing 1,400 Marion County residents with outstanding warrants. On this edition of “Indy Speaks with Cameron Ridle”, we spend the hour breaking down the new […]

 (Indianapolis, IN) Before he steps down as Chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Rick Hite talks with HOT 96.3’s Cameron Ridle about his career as chief and life after IMPD. Hite also defended the actions of officers involved in a police-action shooting that happen over the weekend. Last week, Mayor-Elect Joe Hogsett announced that […]

(Indianapolis, IN) – Thousands of Hoosiers have called Public Housing Projects “home”, and for a lot of residents, their living situation didn’t slow their success. President and CEO of The Indiana Black Expo is one of many examples of people who left public housing and made a name for herself. After getting pregnant at 19-years-old, […]

Joe Hogsett (D) and Chuck Brewer (R) are running to be the next leader of Indianapolis. With the election weeks away, we want to know: Are you planning to vote for Indianapolis’ next Mayor in November? Take our anonymous pole, and see where you fall with the rest of Indy.     “Indy Speaks with […]

Indianapolis callers were on fire about what needs to be done in the city as Cameron Ridle and Political Analyst Abdul-Hakim Shabazz talked about the issues leading up to the 2015 Mayoral Race in Indy.   Joe Hogsett (D) and Chuck Brewer (R) are running to be the next leader of Indianapolis. With the election […]

A commitment to a “coordinated, comprehensive summers jobs program” for Indianapolis was made Wednesday by Indianapolis Mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett. At a press conference at…