Kat Stacks

  Kat Stacks is back to her Twitter thuggin’ days but rather than defend her promiscuous ways, she’s defending her new booty. Kat recently tweeted…

Kat Stacks (nee Andrea Herrera) may have told XXL that she’s no longer the groupie she used to be, but the government is still planning…

Angie Ange had Soulja Boy in the studio where he confessed his love for his about-to-be-deported anti-groupie Kat Stacks. The ATL rapper also addressed allegations about her calling him a cokehead and other rumors she spread. RELATED LINKS Soulja Boy Takes Shots At Lupe Fiasco, Says He Doesn’t Want To Be Like Him Kat Stacks’ […]

A lot of speculation about Kat Stacks and Ice...Here is one listeners take...

Its looking Like Kat Stacks want Beef with the ENTIRE NAP! Check out what she saying on Twitter

Kat Stacks Alleges she was attacked by a “500 LB Loser” at ICE Lounge this morning! We PROMISE to keep you updated as soon as we get more info on exactly what happened! If any of Kat Stacks People want to contact us at Hot 96.3 please feel free to call the station or tweet […]

Infamous Internet starlet Kat Stacks showed up to Hot 107.9’s studios and gave an exclusive, Patron-fueled interview to The Durtty Boyz. In addition to her usual talk of bedding numerous rappers, Kat spoke in detail about being a stripper at 14 and turning tricks in Brooklyn as a teenage prostitute for her former pimp, who […]

Kat Stacks came to Columbus and got some payback! She goes in on Soulja Boy's “Cokehead swag”, kicks it with the girl from the infamous F*** Kat Stacks photo, and her and her security beat up some Bow Wow fan!

Is Jaime Foxx speaking for a very silent majority!?!?

Well it looks like the 15 minuets are up and the world is still paying attention...check out the latest beef