Nike has made it clear they want no part in the devilish shoe created by Lil Nas X, and released by MSCHF Product Studio Company. The customized product featured a pentagram pendant, scripture reference to Luke 10:18 (which describes “…According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Nike claims the company’s tricking consumers into thinking it […]


In promotion of Lil Nas X’s latest single and video Montero, he dropped a pair of sneakers to go along with it. You may be no stranger to the Nike Air Max 97… Days after “Air Max Day” Lil Nas X put his own twist on the shoe. He’s calling it Satan’s Shoe.” Nike has issued […]

Since dropping his mega hit “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X has been making a lot of noise on Hip Hop & Country charts alike. Although not everyone agrees that his rendition of the song, first made popular by country star Billy Ray Cyrus, is actually a country song. As if that wasn’t enough to rattle […]

Gary With Da Tea was singing to himself like he does, but this time he was reciting Nas lyrics.

The absolutely phenomenal success of the BET 3-part biopic The New Edition Story, has arguably changed the game when it comes to portraying the lives of influential black figures on screen, which means that when something works as well as this film did you want to find a way to continue the success. Well BET […]

Bill Simmons recently sat down with NBA star Kevin Durant and rapper Nas and got tons of good (and hilarious) out of the two during his rapid-fire questions segment.

Major key announcement: Nas‘ album is done. So what do you do when it’s been four years since you released an LP? Celebrate, of course. In the video for “Nas Album Done,” DJ Khaled and Nas fly down south to Jamaica for the ultimate celebration. The eight-minute visual kicks off with DJ Khaled and Jamaica’s “Original […]

Here are a few of our favorite rappers who just couldn't stay away from the music and the fame

Lauryn Hill’s “MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling” tour is shaping up nicely. Not only will newcomers Noname and British MC Little Simz join L-Boogie on her upcoming tour, but Kehlani and hip-hop legend Nas will also be joining the party. Lauryn’s tour kicks off today in Chicago and will feature Chi-Town newcomer Noname. The tour […]

It’s hard to keep track of all the news happening on social media these days, so we do it for you. #TheSociaLIST is a daily rundown of the fun stuff you may have missed on celebrities’ Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. On this episode, we see Tamar Braxton trying to keep her husband Vince Herbert off of Snapchat. Then, Beyoncé and Nas were both spotted at […]

Netflix teamed up with four-time Oscar winner, creator Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge!), along with Hip-Hop Legends Nas (executive producer) and Grandmaster Flash (associate producer).  The Netflix original series, The Get Down, helps tell the story of New York on the verge of bankruptcy that forced a birth of new art, Hip-Hop. The Source […]

Nas has been heavily immersed in the film world lately. In a recent interview with Billboard, the 42-year-old emcee opened up about his mission to leave his stamp on the film world the same way he’s done with hip-hop. “I’m right on track of what I’m supposed to be doing in my life,” he shared. “It’s been my […]