Special K

“Dancing With The Stars” has been a place where the nation’s biggest washed-up celebrities go to rehabilitate their careers when they need it most. Now, according to Special K, there is a new version of that for the viral stars out there who have achieved some level of fame due to social media, but quickly […]

Special K was feeling for all the people out there who are underrepresented and don’t get thought of especially when it comes to shout-outs. So he reaches out to as many of them as he could think of with these very specific and friendly shout outs in this exclusive video from  “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]

In this day and age, a lot of parents aren’t too keen on spanking their kids anymore. As a parent who is also receptive to the change in the times, Special K shares some special tips for punishing your kids without spanking them, so they can still be properly disciplined and understand the difference between […]

Special K  takes a quick break from working so hard at “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to let off a little steam and engage in a turn-up. He goes so hard, you would think it was his song that he was dancing to, in his own music video! Check out the exclusive video above to […]

Special K has a lot of problems with the fast food restaurants in the hood. He says that his experiences going to them are far worse than they the fast food restaurants in the richer neighborhoods, and he’s completely fed up with it. Check out the video above to see what he had to say on […]

Special K talks about how he spent his weekend at a couple of events that were high in a turnout of black people. Based on his experiences all weekend, he has a PSA for black people to carry with them when they’re out in public; to shut up! He talks about why, after going to the movies and […]

When a boy fell into the gorilla pen at a zoo in Cincinnati, a gorilla named Harambe was shot to death in order to protect him. This story immediately went viral, sparking outrage on social media. The uproar came in part from people lamenting about the loss of a creature’s life; people expressing this sentiment did not […]

Gary With Da Tea from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” has a theory about why Blac Chyna isn’t in a rush to marry her unborn baby’s father Rob Kardashian, but do you agree with it? But that’s not all–Gary also has the latest gossip about two more allegedly pregnant women: Solange and Angela Simmons aka “Guess She’s […]

Chris Brown and the mother of his child are fighting because of some Instagram photos of their child that she posted featuring Royalty dressed inappropriately for a two-year-old. Special K explains how this passage of THOT-iness onto the child was inevitable, and cites another example of a similar passage between mother and baby.  Plus, he explains the right […]

Special K is still trying to wrap his head around this nation-wide transgender bathroom debate. This time, he did a little research to get a better handle on the concepts involved. Check out the video above to see what he had to say in this exclusive clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”  Sign Up For […]