Nicki Minaj and Drake have both been nominated for the 2015 TIME Person of the Year award, and more.

  Rick Ross sat down with TIME and talked about the music industry. During the interview, they brought up the topic of Ghostwriting. How did your time in the headlines shape the direction of the album? It most definitely made it a more personal record, it made it a more—I don’t want to use the […]

Amber Rose is trending on Twitter for some comments she recently made in TIME Magazine.

TIME recently recognized six influential Black teenagers for their "30 Most Influential Teens of 2015"

For some people, running late on a consistent basis is just embedded into their DNA. I know several people who, if given the chance, would…

  “The Wire” fans rejoice! Tray Chaney just released a new video for his song “Time”! Take a look at the video below! Check for…