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How to Establish Personal Goals

Establishing personal goals requires self-exploration and planning. You should choose goals that match your resources, abilities, values and lifestyle. Here’s how to get what you want.

1. Identify positive goals you want to achieve in a specified period. Think of where you want to be six months from now. Decide what you need to do to get there.

2. Keep the personal goals positive rather than negative. Stating “I’m not going to gamble anymore” does not explain what you are going to do to achieve that. Think of a goal that specifies exactly how you can bring about change in your life.

3. Keep your goal attainable. Stating, “I want my boss to listen to me more” is beyond your control, and so the outcome of the goal is left to chance

4. Establish a realistic goal. Be wary of goals that are infeasible or inconsequential. Vowing to lose weight in six months and then only losing one pound is a hollow victory, as nothing of consequence was achieved.

5. Identify goal advantages and disadvantages. Review them to discover if your goal is worth the investment of time, money and energy.

6.Organize a list of clear, specific goals and brainstorm ways you can accomplish them within a specific period. Establish benchmarks so you can assess your progress.

7. Identify obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goal. Unexpected events can happen so be prepared to re-evaluate your goals?Adjust them without losing focus of the big picture.

8. Define the resources you need to successfully reach your goal. Money, time and the support of others are examples of the resources you may need.

9. Begin with simple goals. When you achieve something relatively simple, the sense of success reinforces the idea that you can achieve more.

Source: EHow

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