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Somebody “close” to the situation hit me with this email, breaking down the situation with DJ Drama and LA Da Dark Man.

Im kinda close to that situation so I figured I’d shed some light. This isn’t new news. There has been tension in the camp for years it’s just now it’s hit the fan. I’m not sure if you rmbr but months back, drama went on MTV saying something to the tune of he was gonna focus on him and he wasn’t part of the aphilliates and all that..he basically got sick of LA who is the president of AMG/Embassy Ent. The worse part about this is of course that Willie the kid is caught in the middle but of course is going to ride with big bro, so technically he isn’t dj dramas artist at all. He’s with his bro. It’s a whooooolllle lot going on there and I suppose drama just got sick of it and aired it thru twitter..he said some other stuff too but deleted it. A lot of the response was “apology not accepted because you didn’t find put just now 6 yrs later that he sucked”. This divide was the reason cannon left and now the reason drama and cannon have veins cool again. Tho it also goes to show that LA was likely very instrumental in getting a lot of the things going for AMG in it’s starting phases because he clearly is a majority owner in the company, otherwise the three of them could force him out.